Magnetized Electric and Magnetic Waters and Water


The impacts of magnetic fields happen to be observed for years. Patents on treating water seemed as early as the 1950’s. It was found that less scale deposit was created after long use. The effects were described as making the water seem to “act” as if the mineral content was lowered. This technology was utilized chiefly in countries which have almost no chemical industry, like Russia, Bulgaria, Poland and China, who all reported the successful utilization of magnets in treating water for business, irrigation and home use. They mentioned developments in flavor and quicker drying time, but no one understood why! Magnetic water treatment developed slowly in the West. To Western thoughts, quantifying the magnetic aftereffect of flowing water was somewhat funny. (Kronenberg said, “Folks in the West insist on comprehending the things they say or do!”) – magnetic water

Organic Magnetism

Additionally, substances were in general use as well as the chemical industry did its best to discourage using magnets ~ for apparent reasons!

To Westerners, but, the real as well as practical ramifications of magnetic water treatment after lengthy use were irrefutable. And Kronenberg says that there is in magnets treat water issues, no mystique. The positive effects are supported through systematic research. When treatment devices were developed, they were instantaneously successful! The build-up of scale on pipes that were new was totally eliminated as well as the removal of scale deposits in water pipes that were old was soon apparent.

It was while he was that Kronenberg brought to the pioneering work in agriculture that re used re-energized irrigation water with treatment that is magnetic. He says magnets really alter the nucleus of plain water.

This is the source of its seemingly magical properties. A diet of magnetized water makes cows give more milk; chickens develop fatter and lay more eggs. And cantaloupes and have better yields and other harvests grow bigger.
“The magnetized water raises the solubility of minerals and therefore improves the transfer of nutrients to all portions of the body, making the organisms work better.”

“The shortage of nucleation centres in water is recognized to result in the ability of the water molecules to clump around each foreign particle,” Kronenberg described. This leaves it unavailable as a nucleation centre. The forces are extremely feeble, nevertheless. The clusters vibrate in several methods. When they pass of numerous magnetic poles in a specific pace the periodic changes of magnetic fields may coincide with one of the internal vibration frequencies. Resonance may occur and result in cracking open this kind of bunch. – magnetic water